Hello and welcome!  My name is Devon Valentin-Minnis, PHOTOGRAPHER, HUSBAND, AND FATHER OF TWO BEAUTIFUL BOYS.  I'm from a small city in Connecticut called Waterbury.  In 2013, I started my own photography company, Nine Five Photography, when the amount of people contacting me for photo sessions started to become overwhelming.  (Thank God, I've come a long way since then, but sometimes I look back at that time like AHHHH!)  I started with just an email address, in order to keep things organized.   Thankfully, I’ve been able to find a work flow that I can be completely satisfied with, and this has allowed my business to flourish. 

Most of my clients would say that I'm fun to work with, easy going, and maybe even well-dressed (haha!).  I really enjoy helping people bring their ideas to life through photography and making new friendships with the most wonderful people.  

I've once heard a fellow creative say: "Being a creative is all about what you can give back to the others seeking inspiration."  Photographers have this amazing capability to find the beauty in all things.  We view the entire world and everything in it as a photographic opportunity.  I can find the beauty in everything, when the average eye wouldn’t see anything beautiful at all.  Through my photography, I would love to give others the ability to see the beauty and peace in all the things that I have found.

Please drop me a message to let me know if you have seen my work before, if you enjoy my work or if you have any suggestions for how I can improve.  I would love your feedback.